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The Awakening


It was a sunny day as I stood on the Capitol steps in D.C.

There was a great sea of people on the lawn before me

What brand of protestor be these with signs not vulgar or profane

Who called for prosperity, lower taxes, less government caused pain?


They invoked God and his forgiveness as they did pray

They said the pledge and sang the Anthem at each meeting day

So many people and yet they left behind not a speck of trash

For as far as you could see there was only green grass!


This new kind of protestor was without doubt a rare breed

All colors, all races, all faiths, all avocations and all creeds

Proclaiming their love of Country, patriots one and all

Honoring the Veterans and all, who had answered the call.


The Tea Party movement had been born at long, long last

Their name harkened back to patriots from our revolutionary past

We would know them by their patriotic garb, slogans and signs

Some on the left called them Astroturf, terrorists and worse at times.


They advocated for free markets, fiscal responsibility, freedom and liberty,

For Constitutional limits on the State and Federal government’s authority

They believe that “We the people” are the rightful masters of the land

And that the government works for us through God’s guiding hand.


At last the great silent majority had awakened and loudly they spoke

This November past, the Left and the media learned they were no joke

They stood proud for God, Country and principles with character so hardy

Taxed Enough Already became the battle cry of the modern day Tea Party.


What a counterpoint to the protests of the left in the past

With their signs advocating for peace, but that didn’t last.

No short sleeved shirts for their police guards on duty

Full riot gear was the order of the day, to control the unruly!


The Left would invariably espouse their green philosophy

Yet their trash left behind was an environmental catastrophe

They carried signs with nooses round necks and heads lopped off

Of religion and family values they would most often scoff!


I always wondered if any Liberals realized the hypocrisy of it all

“Do as I say, not as I do”, must require a great deal of gall

Or was it as simple as they couldn’t think, they were sheep

They were just out there protesting together, their minds asleep.


These days the lights and cameras are on the Tea Party

The newly awakened and no longer silent majority

What a pleasure to see patriots standing for their God and Country

Knowing their actions won’t embarrass us here, or over the sea.


The job is not done for the Tea Party; indeed, it just started

There is bad legislation to repeal and earmarks needing to be parted

A balanced budget amendment would be a good place to begin

Make the tax cuts permanent and the wasteful spending reign in!


The voters have spoken, Tea Party principles they embrace

They have flipped the House, the Senate, they'll finish next race

It is now for the new Congress to show they are up to the job

Or else next Election Day they will face, yet another angry mob!


Tom Whitmore


Copyright 2010, Thomas J. Whitmore

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Take The Town Halls To Washington

Nationwide Tea Party Coalition - "Take The Town Halls To Washington"
MEMPHIS, Tennessee (March 5, 2010) - The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is today announcing a new project, "Take The Town Halls To Washington", which is designed to bring tea party activists to Washington, DC during the month of March to meet, question and review the positions of approximately 60 Democrat members of the House of Representatives whose vote on the pending Health Care legislation has not yet been publicly announced. Tea Party Nation is a collaborating partner in the project.
Spokesman Mark A. Skoda, who is also Chairman of The Memphis TEA Party stated, "President Obama has indicated his willingness to ignore the people and force his bill through Congress using whatever means necessary. Our objective is to bring thousands of constituents to DC to meet with their representatives, capture their comments and produce a review of those positions on a daily basis. We believe that time is of the essence and the people need to understand where these representatives stand before any vote is taken."
Organizer, Michael Patrick Leahy further stated, "After more than a year of tea party resistance to the big government efforts of the Obama Administration, it all comes down to the next 3 weeks. The Administration has made it clear. They intend to ram down the Health Care takeover through a corrupt Congress by the end of this month, in direct defiance of the clearly expressed will of the American people.”
“It is time for every tea party activist across the country to consider dropping everything he or she is doing and join us in the most important battle of our life time. We need your energy, commitment, and efforts to make this succeed. We need you to consider coming to Washington during this 3 week period, and if you can’t come to Washington, be part of this project in your local area.”
A nationwide webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, 2010 with meetings in DC scheduled to begin the following day through March 31, 2010. Logistics are being coordinated for those coming to Washington and daily briefings and reviews are scheduled during the project. It is expected that visits will take place while Congress is in session from Monday through Friday.
The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is an informal federation of thirty local tea parties from around the country who work collaboratively on important national projects. It was the group that organized the February 27, 2009 “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” in 51 cities around the country that launched the Tea Party Movement, as well as the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party, where 1 million tea party activists attended events in over 900 cities.

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