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You know, we are living in truly dangerous times.  We are in danger from open borders that anyone can cross, because our federal government refuses to enforce the laws.  We are in danger from a dependence on foreign oil, look to the problems in the Middle East.  We are in danger from the loss of our manufacturing base; we manufacture less than ten percent of what we consume.  We are in danger of leaving our kids and grandkids a crippling financial burden, with more than 100 Trillion dollars in un-funded liabilities looming in front of us.  We are in danger of having our personal freedom and liberties swept away.  We have seen our moral standards be pummeled to the point we are in danger of seeing our National moral bearing be buried.


But most frightening of all is the losing of our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture, vestiges of the Creator being stripped from public view, our history being rewritten to secularize it, the steady shaping of our society into some homogenous world culture, the denial of our own President that we are a Judeo-Christian nation. The interpretation by the judiciary that a separation of church and state exists and that the state and anything state supported should eradicate all symbols of religion and divorce itself from any and all association with the church has had a large hand in skewing our Nation’s moral bearing.


That is not what the founding fathers had in mind.  They meant to protect your freedom of religion from the state that you could worship how you pleased and that the state could not take a religion for its own and force it on you. 


How bad is it?  Just one week ago our President made himself the “Supreme Court Justice In Charge” and ruled that the Federal government will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the law of the land and God’s law.  He has ruled that in his mind, DOMA is unconstitutional!!


It is our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture, and its inherent rights and freedoms that we enjoy, that have made our Nation so great!


We have reached a point where our schools and teachers are telling our kids they don’t have to listen to their parents, they have their own unalienable rights; our leaders, even our president, feel they don’t have to listen to “We the people”, the citizens who hired them as they perpetuate a steady assault on our Judeo-Christian heritage and culture. 


Our Federal government is bent on imposing “sameness”, a one size fits all prescription for every issue they confront, whether it is theirs to confront or not.  They pay for their prescriptions by taking from the producers, the givers and distributing to the non-producers, the takers.  They, in the name of doing good, have systematically stripped many, many of the American people of their initiative, individuality, exceptionalism, sense of personal responsibility, moral sense, self-esteem and their ambition.  They have reduced many givers into takers and along the way have created a whole new class of slavery.


Slaves to the government/political hand that feeds them; slaves to a culture of material possessions; slaves to an anything goes culture of immorality and perhaps worst of all, slaves to a mindset that forsakes all of ones own principles and values for a warm fuzzy feeling “in the name of doing good” for others, by casting votes against their very being, against everything they stand for, against their God, votes that continue to enslave more people and perpetuate the vicious cycle. 


We see it face to face on the Sabbath in our churches.  Good people I’m sure, or at least well meaning, but how do they reconcile their weekday positions that support abortion, gay “marriage”, the attack on our Judeo-Christian heritage, felon’s rights, etc. with God’s word and will?  How do they reconcile their votes at the ballot box to support politicians whose stand on moral issues is counter to everything they believe in and God’s word?  How many times do they think they can go against God’s word and then ask for forgiveness?  How many times before God turns a deaf ear?  Or do they think that warm fuzzy, feeling they got from “helping” others will carry some sway with God?  I think not!  A huge, gamble, for sure, on their part! 


And, what of the pastors, the ministers of the faith, what of them turning a deaf ear or blind eye to this flaunting of God’s word and will, what of their culpability?  Is it theirs to forgive or to guide and nurture?


The above are good questions to keep in mind as you go off to your church services.   Once there, take a moment and look around.  How many souls do you see who are at risk?  Maybe it is time you began to broach the subject with others and most importantly the spiritual leader of your church or synagogue.  It is time; everyone must begin to take a part to Restore Our Culture and our faith in God, Family and Community.


We can curb and minimize the effects of the other dangers, but if we don’t halt the attack on our culture and Judeo-Christian heritage, we will lose our very freedom and liberty and those natural rights that the founding fathers assured us, emanated from our Creator, and that they attempted to protect in the Constitution.  Our freedom, culture and Judeo-Christian heritage are in dire straits; pray for them like nothing you have ever prayed for before.  Pray for your misguided friends and fellow parishioners.  Pray for the strength to voice your concern.  Pray with all of your might!


Tom Whitmore


Copyright 2011, Thomas J. Whitmore

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Take The Town Halls To Washington

Nationwide Tea Party Coalition - "Take The Town Halls To Washington"
MEMPHIS, Tennessee (March 5, 2010) - The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is today announcing a new project, "Take The Town Halls To Washington", which is designed to bring tea party activists to Washington, DC during the month of March to meet, question and review the positions of approximately 60 Democrat members of the House of Representatives whose vote on the pending Health Care legislation has not yet been publicly announced. Tea Party Nation is a collaborating partner in the project.
Spokesman Mark A. Skoda, who is also Chairman of The Memphis TEA Party stated, "President Obama has indicated his willingness to ignore the people and force his bill through Congress using whatever means necessary. Our objective is to bring thousands of constituents to DC to meet with their representatives, capture their comments and produce a review of those positions on a daily basis. We believe that time is of the essence and the people need to understand where these representatives stand before any vote is taken."
Organizer, Michael Patrick Leahy further stated, "After more than a year of tea party resistance to the big government efforts of the Obama Administration, it all comes down to the next 3 weeks. The Administration has made it clear. They intend to ram down the Health Care takeover through a corrupt Congress by the end of this month, in direct defiance of the clearly expressed will of the American people.”
“It is time for every tea party activist across the country to consider dropping everything he or she is doing and join us in the most important battle of our life time. We need your energy, commitment, and efforts to make this succeed. We need you to consider coming to Washington during this 3 week period, and if you can’t come to Washington, be part of this project in your local area.”
A nationwide webcast is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, 2010 with meetings in DC scheduled to begin the following day through March 31, 2010. Logistics are being coordinated for those coming to Washington and daily briefings and reviews are scheduled during the project. It is expected that visits will take place while Congress is in session from Monday through Friday.
The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is an informal federation of thirty local tea parties from around the country who work collaboratively on important national projects. It was the group that organized the February 27, 2009 “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” in 51 cities around the country that launched the Tea Party Movement, as well as the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party, where 1 million tea party activists attended events in over 900 cities.

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